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» Listings for April 2016

  1. After a very successful March, The Watch Water continues to produce well for bank anglers and those boat fishing. As water temperatures rise and buzzers hatch the trout are spreading out foraging the margins as well as further out in the wind lanes. Powerful and feisty sport is reported by anglers with quality rainbows and blues coming to the net. Floating and intermediate lines appear to be working most successfully with a variety of lures and buzzer patterns producing the action.

    For those of you who enjoy the Watch wildlife in equal measure to the fishing, the Ospreys have now returned. As grouse, peewits, oyster catchers and geese etc pair up the environment is suffused with a cacophany of bird song. No traffic noise here!

  2. On Sunday 24th in near flat calm conditions the Deed Firrits and Wallyford angling clubs held their annual competition on the Watch Water. Almost everyone caught their limit bag and only ounces separated the winning team with the brown trout fishers marginally shading their rainbow trout counterparts. Elsewhere on the reservoir two boat anglers had a memorable day with 32 fish to the boat and a few brownies came to anglers fishing small snatchers and dries.