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  1. Despite a roasting sun and in a light West wind that veered South by late afternoon, The Watch provided some excellent fishing to the dries and hoppers today. Black and claret on sizes ranging from 12s to 18s were the most effective. My boat partner and I had 14 fish to the boat, another boat had 8 fish and bank rods scored quite well also. Fish rose well in the morning, there was a quiet spell around lunchtime, and from 2.30pm onwards plenty of feeding fish dimpled all over the reservoir. Midge were on the water all day and later in the afternoon, sedge appeared.
    Yesterday, a boat angler reported having 20 rainbows to the net on a mixture of dries and blobs.
  2. Today was a memorable one. With a good SA friend, we experienced a brilliant afternoon and early evening on The Watch today with 15 fish to the boat on small dries. The water literally heaved with rising fish from late afternoon and was still doing so at 7.30pm when we left. The Watch is well known for massive falls of flying ants, and this was one of those days. The warmth and gentle breeze from the South obviously created the right conditions for the ant flight. We were going to fish the river tomorrow, but it's back to The Watch again after a morning at the tying vice with much hope that the ants are on the move again. Ants must be a tasty morsel to the fish as they voraciously feed on them right up to within a few feet of the boat and tight into the margins of the bank. Size 18 black seal's fur dry and a 14 claret shuttlecock were our best flies.