Now preparing for the 2024 opening day of Saturday 9th March, the Management Committee would like to extend their grateful thanks to all of the anglers and angling clubs who supported the fishery in the previous year. With your support we enjoyed a difficult 2023. We are not a commercial operation and as such don't require to accumulate profit for whatever reason. Our aim is to plough back our takings into the fishery to invest in both the frequency and quality of stocking. Eventually we hope to further develop our facilities. We look forward to welcoming you at fishery in the forthcoming angling season and hope you will derive great enjoyment from the quality of fishing and the very special natural environs of The Watch Water generally .  


The Watch Water Fishery is leased and managed by Kelso and St Boswells, Newtown & Districts Angling Associations. Both clubs have a vision to continue developing the Fishery to provide for the Association’s members, visiting anglers and angling clubs, one of the best boat and bank fishing venues for wild brown trout and stocked rainbows in the Scottish Borders.


A Management Committee formed from the Association's membership administers and organises the Watch Water Fishery. The Committee is supported by a Helper Group with a range of skill sets who assist in the day-to-day running of the Fishery. We would be keen to expand and broaden that Helper Group. If you are interested in helping please get in touch.

Boat fishing and Angling Club bookings should be made via the telephone numbers dispayed on the Prices Page or through Email - [email protected] 

Boat Purchases for the season (catch and release)

A number of our boats are available for purchase by Angling clubs to provide season-long use for their members on a catch and release basis. Daily fishing permits would have to be purchased as normal. They would be required to provide their own life jackets and electric outboard motors. Boats could be kept at the Watch for as long as we hold the lease.

Kelso and St Boswells & Newtown Districts Boats

Throughout the year, a boat is reserved for the use of the two Association's season ticket members. To access the use of these boats members must pre-book the boat for the day it is required.

Kelso - Boat 1

St Boswells and Newtown Districts - Boat 2 


Evening fishing is available from the last week in May (6pm - 10.00pm)

This facility is available to all anglers.

Kelso and St Boswells Association season ticket holders have the use of an evening boat at no cost for the use of the boat. Evening fishing costs £15 for a 4 hour catch and release session or £20 for a 1 fish keep ticket/£25 for 2 fish & £30 for 3 fish. If you are not an association season ticket holder you will need to pay an additional boat fee of £5 per angler for the use of the boat.  

Both associations welcome new members and you can become a season ticket holder by purchasing the requisite ticket in the Kelso Tackle shops or in The Borders Gunroom at St Boswells. 

Please note that all boats must be booked in advance whether you are a season ticket holder or otherwise to ensure the availability of a boat.

 Bait fishing zone for beginner anglers (under 16)

Recognising many youngsters in the past have developed the bug for fishing through initially float fishing with bait, an area is set aside for float fishing directly in front of The Lodge between the reservoir spillway and the floating platform where the boats are tethered. Worms only are allowed when bait fishing. There is a significant head of Perch in this area and wild brown trout and stocked rainbows also. Please note under 18s must wear a life jacket at all times and Junior anglers (under 16) must be accompanied and looked after by an adult.



Boat anglers must wear life jackets at all times. 

Anglers (under 18) must wear a life jacket at all times and Junior anglers (under 16) must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

All Brown Trout must be returned and not killed.