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Sunday 10th May 2015,  Earlston Angling Clubs planned boat outing to the Watch was spoilt by very strong southerly winds. However they battled against the high winds fishing from the bank of the south shore. Although the conditions were difficult for casting there were good catches reported and a good day was had by all.  The winner with a total weight of 14lb 10 oz for 5 fish was Douglas Scott. 2nd place went to Ross Wilson with 14lb 8 oz. 3 rd place was  Douglas Ballantyne with 10lb 4 oz.  A total of 47 fish were taken by ten rods and in addition they released another thirty. 

The fishing catches in general have been  very good recently. Most anglers have caught fish.  Catches of 5-10 fish per rod are not uncommon. Most of the fish caught are on ghost tip, fast glass and intermediate lines. Floating lines have been less successfull due to the cold tempretures. The resevoir is well stocked and with the warmer weather coming, some good times will be had in the future

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