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This past month at the Watch Water has been a month of "Highs and Lows". The Highs being high air pressure coming in from the south west resulting in some phenomenal sport and the lows being low pressure and strong easterly winds resulting in some challenging fishing conditions.

Tactics have being very variable throughout this period. During the periods of high pressure washing line method has proved successful with big Buzzer hatches pushing through around the mid day mark. These periods however have been very brief and when the strong winds have blown over the reservoir different tactics have been needed. The most popular being on sink tips or slow intermediate lines with a varied retrieve. One of the good things about these strong winds during this period is the fact that all fly life and available food that fish feed on are being pushed close to the margins and of course the fish are not far out from the bank at all.

Gilmerton Angling Club figured this out on Saturday producing a return of 61 fish. Well done guys fantastic Angling.

The most successful patterns of this month have been predominantly Black and Green Lures such as Green Peas, Ally McCoists and Green Taddies. Other productive lures have been Cats Whiskers, Cat Booby/ Candyman Booby, Humungus and Pink Lures. For the more imative Angler, Black Buzzers, Bloodworm and traffic light crunchers have done the trick.

Going into April the forecast is to bring some slightly warmer weather which can only mean one thing for the Watch Water Fishery - more fly life and rising fish. As many of you are aware and if you are not, the Watch Water is primed for its top of the water sport. Be sure to be armed with small daddies/ Hoppers and Yellow Owls for the month of April.

For those of you who have been up at the watch over the past few weeks you will have guessed that we are looking to have something for everyone throughout this year. We shall be running various competitions during the calendar so be sure to check out the competition section of the website. I am also looking to start up a small fly tying club on a Wednesday night at our Lodge. If you are interested then please get in touch.

Lastly, we have had 4 tagged fish in the water where you can pay a pound to enter the tagged fish competition since last July. Should you catch one of these tagged fish you shall either win a pot of money or a Hardy Demon fly rod. 2 of these fish have been caught already during March and last year, however the people who caught them did not pay their pound for the pot and therefore did not win anything. Be sure to pay a pound when you buy your fishing permit from our well stocked lodge to avoid disappointment.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you up for a cast at some point throughout April. If you need any information prior to you visit please get in touch or follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post daily snippets.

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March Fish 1


March fish 2


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