August 2016

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Whilst some fisheries have been experiencing the doldrums of fluctuating temperatures and dour fishing, The Watch has consistently produced during the summer period. Perhaps this has something to do with height above sea level, different barometric pressures and the water being that little bit colder. One can only guess, but whatever, anglers have enjoyed some great sport. Those venturing out on the boats have had some memorable days fishing right down the centre of the reservoir. The most productive returns have been by those concentrating on fishing in the top 6 inches of water with floating lines, midge tip and slow intermediates. Biscuit blobs and fabs, sparklers and mini lures stripped fast back to the boat have produced good results and exhilarating sight fishing with lots of follows, swirls and solid takes. Elsewhere, boat and bank fishers have scored well with dries and hoppers. Recently, one angler had a great day on the lodge bank on a scoury day fishing the heather fly. The wind can be, for some anglers, a great bonus on The Watch as daddy long legs and heather flee are blown off the surrounding vegetation. Ant falls have not been reported so far, but on those few flat calm days look out for the water surface simmering with sipping fish. As the mean temperatures dip towards the Autumn we look forward to The Watch continuing to build on its reputation as one of the best top of the water fisheries where quality blue and rainbow trout can be targeted.   

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