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As the month has progressed more sun and warmth has raised water and air temperatures. As a consequence, buzzer hatches have increased and The Watch fish have spread widely out along the margins and right across the water. On windless days the surface of the reservoir is peppered with rising fish (browns and rainbows). Recently, a few experienced anglers have enjoyed tremendous sport as the rainbows and blues forage and seek out food. Individual bags of 25,17,16 and 15 fish have been recorded whilst other catches provide ample reward and satisfaction for all. A range of flies and methods continue to work well, but it's noticeable that surface feeding is now beginning in earnest with each day providing several spells of frenetic activity as the foraging fish find zones of hatching fly or shoals of perch fry, or insects blown onto the water from the surrounding vegetation. Yesterday, on floating lines, the biscuit blob, unweighted small damsel, diawl bach, kate mclaren and pulled daddy all converted. The fish are in excellent condition and fighting fit. The takes and runs from the blues is nothing short of awesome. The clubs policy of stocking 80% blues up to 4lbs along with quality rainbows continues as we aim towards making The Watch Water one of the best places to fish in the Scottish Borders.    

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