Week 1

(March 19, 2016)

The first week of fishing on the Watch Water Fishery has been a great success. On opening day 24 anglers enjoyed a great day and netted 239 fish up to 4lbs. Lines from Fast Glass to Floater were working. Slow retrieve with a beaded lure and something like a snatcher, buzzer or sparkler pattern higher up the leader was effective on Floater and Midge Tip, and on deeper sinking intermediates, similar flies with a fast Roly Poly retrieve worked well. Anglers and the resident Otter continue to catch well! At the beginning of the week conditions were fairly mild with light winds from the West. Veering North East later in the week it was anticipated that the colder conditions would slow down the sport. This doesn't appear to be the case with some big bags continuing to be reported.

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